The Last Tiger by Tony Black

THE LAST TIGER  blew me away.

It’s rare to see a book written with this level of compassion and heart. The novel has an incredible insight into human nature; I’ve never seen a novel offer such a penetrating and perceptive glance at the human condition.

Author TONY BLACK sweeps us back to 1910 Tasmania where 12-year-old Myko has arrived as an immigrant with his parents. Myko becomes bewitched by the native endangered tigers, which becomes a problem when he discovers his father is to be paid to hunt them.




The relationships that Black explores are rich in conflict; between father and son, past and present, man and land, native and foreign. The book is a time bomb, quietly ticking away until its characters’ bitter secrets eventually explode. To say that THE LAST TIGER will move you is an understatement; I feel it’s only fair to warn you that it may just break your heart (in that beautiful way that only a powerful novel can).

Black’s writing retains that nail-biting skill of his previous novels, with the wonderful stark simplicity of the prose moves the story along at a deceivingly easy pace. However as the novel beings to unfold it envelops the reader until they – just like the protagonist and his family – are tied to the future of the tigers. This is a novel that will not allow you to stop for anyone or anything: it distinctly asks for your attention, and it deserves it.

I adored THE LAST TIGER.  It’s a rewarding read, with an almost cathartic effect by the time you’ve finished it.  Black has shown he is a versatile and gifted writer, and I hope that he will keep writing fiction alongside his crime novels.

THE LAST TIGER will bruise your heart and prowl in your mind. A lyrical, mystical masterpiece that should be out there sweeping up awards.

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